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ANOTHER THING FROM THE CRYPT :Comp. FeatJesus Couldn't Drum / Vertical Hold &c;Dead Hedgehog Rec. plain card sl w/stkr ...LP...-:Ex Sold for 35.00 04/07 [Was in stock for 1 months]
ANTHRAX :All For The Cause; 2012 album gatefold +poster ...LP...NEW Sold for 17.00 07/18 [Was in stock for 1 months]
ANTI SOCIAL WORKERS & MAD PROF :PositiveStyle Punky Reggae Party; Ariwa label 1983 ...LP...Ex:Ex Sold for 30.00 08/08 [Was in stock for 5 months]
ANTI-CIMEX :Raped Ass; clear v / plain labels/card sl; circleA Rec - old but not the original ...7in...Ex:Ex Sold for 35.00 06/08 [Was in stock for 12 months]
ANTI-SYSTEM / MORBID HUMOUR :Strange Love / Oh My God (RECONCILE 3) ...7in...M:Ex Sold for 36.00 12/06 [Was in stock for 10 months]
ANTI-SYSTEM :Defence Of The Realm EP (PAX 11 6-track EP) ...7in...Ex:Ex Sold for 45.00 02/09 [Was in stock for 4 months]
ANTI-SYSTEM :A Look At Life (Reconcile 45-track EP) ...12in...Ex:M Sold for 35.00 12/07 [Was in stock for 18 months]
ANTISECT :In Darkness There Is No Choice; Spiderleg Rec. SDL 15 Original ...LP...Ex:Ex Sold for 45.00 08/16 [Was in stock for 4 months]
ANTISECT :Live in the Darkness; grey splatt. vinyl + insert BIG TOP 1/2 ltd. 1000; Brighton Feb '84 gig ...LP...M:M Sold for 40.00 02/07 [Was in stock for 2 months]
ANTISECT :Out From The Void (EDR 4) ...7in...M:Ex Sold for 30.00 06/08 [Was in stock for 28 months]
AOA :Who Are They Trying To Con (COR 4; 5-tr EP + L/S) ...12in...Ex:M Sold for 35.00 10/06 [Was in stock for 7 months]
APPENDIX :Huora+3; PROP-015 1983 - frontof sleeve is red & white band pic. ...7in...Ex:Ex Sold for 40.00 10/07 [Was in stock for 4 months]
ASTA KASK :Med Is I Magen (8-tr. in g/fdROSA XP21 1985 red sleeve) ...12in...Ex:Ex Sold for 32.00 02/08 [Was in stock for 12 months]
ASTRONAUTS :Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs (Genius 001; 1981) ...LP...Ex:M Sold for 200.00 05/07 [Was in stock for 30 months]
ATTAK :Zombies (PUNK 6 UK orig.) ...LP...Vg:Ex Sold for 40.00 08/10 [Was in stock for 39 months]
AVENGERS :Avengers; black v. orig. from 1983 (red label / no barcode on sleeve) ...LP...Ex:Ex Sold for 45.00 05/17 [Was in stock for 40 months]
AVENGERS :The American In Me + 3; White Noise label black background sleeve ...12in...Vg:Ex Sold for 30.00 02/07 [Was in stock for 3 months]
B.G.K. :Nothing Can Go Wrogn; Vogelspin Rec. 1986 + L/I ...LP...Vg:Ex Sold for 14.40 01/19 [Was in stock for 1 months]
B.G.K. :White Male Dumbinance; 1984 Dutch 8-tr EP Vogelspin Rec. ...7in...Ex:Ex Sold for 35.00 10/07 [Was in stock for 7 months]
B.G.K. :White Male Dumbinance; Dutch HCin folded card sl w/ MRR interview ...7in...Ex:Ex Sold for 33.00 01/07 [Was in stock for 9 months]
BACK SEAT ROMEOS :Zero Ambition (FER 0071980 original) ...7in...M:Ex Sold for 30.00 12/06 [Was in stock for 13 months]